”Don’t quit yer day job”

Or how about, ”Well have I seen you in anything?” or maybe… ”Ah yeah but it’s not a real career” even ”what are you REALLY doing?” my fave, ”Yeah but you cant rely on it can you”


These types of people are particularly wonderful aren’t they? Almost as wonderful as crappy temping jobs providing DECAF coffee with their company values slammed all over the PALE WHITE WALLS. OMG HELP MEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHH

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Doing bits and bobs of work where you can whilst doing or preparing for what you really want to do deserves high praise. As I sit on my swingy chair in this god awful reception area, I am honestly filled with motivation to really go for what I love even MORE.

Performers are the only people on earth who will ever understand the way of life we thrust ourselves into, always wearing a smile despite it being the worst for rejection and uncertainty. I’ll bet my life non of these lot in this office would ever be able to live without their comfortable ways and sustained careers and yano WHAT? Hats off to em!


Running around like a blue arsed fly from audition to temp job, extra singing/dancing/acting classes to grow, home late to learn a monologue, ringing in sick to do some extra work and all that jazz (Oh! remembering to eat and shower too) Is the whole excitement of why we do what we do, right?!

It’s a constant waiting game, constant battle and heavy pressure to be the best as competition is fiery, I mean we all know this so I aint gunna sit here and preach, We are all in this crazy, whirlwind ride together.


I’m now well into ‘This Morning’ pondering Mary Berry’s blow dry and my dream movie role, and also planning the launch of my first (theatrical) company partnering with my daddio which is very exciting and SCARY.

The whole point of my thoughts are aimed at the sheer importance of remaining positive at each stage of your creative journey where ever that may be (which is easier said than done obvs) Here are a few pointers to be mindful of so you can remain a hard worker as well as a happy one!

  • Self help books are amazing and I love them! But a book still cant guard you from some of the negative elements in the industry, so reach out and put a few of your eggs in different creative baskets! Start a blog, help out backstage, volunteer at your local bbc radio station ( I did, it helps), take your career into your OWN hands and make your own opportunities.
  • Have a damn day off. For god sake do a face mask, do not exercise for a day & take all pressures off.
  • Set goals if you don’t already. Long term and short term and work each day towards them.
  • Network! If your not in London that’s cool, follow/research performers from your favourite musicals/plays in London and see how they started. It will spur you on and they might get back to you. (not everyone went to drama school)
  • Keep working hard and buzzing about like a mad person! Feel lucky that you don’t have to work in a 9-5 job that gets you by. Remember why you started.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who has any of the following in their vocabulary:-

Or how about, ”Well have I seen you in anything?” or maybe… ”Ah yeah but it’s not a real career” even ”what are you REALLY doing?” my fave, ”Yeah but you cant rely on it can you”

  • DO quit your day job, if it’s hindering what you really want to do! TAKE.A.RISK.
  • Don’t drink decaf coffee, you’ll be needing caffeine.


Trust the journey and enjoy it. There is only one you and someone’s gotta get the job so it might as well be you.

Ps. There is nothing wrong with a 9-5! (Unless you hate it)

positivedoodles: “ [drawing of a green leaf saying “I’ll always beleaf in you!” in a green speech bubble.] ”

Survival in the City…

Welcoming in a rainy Monday back up north, what other way would it be? 

It’s really great to be back and blogging! So much has happened in previous weeks which is all so exciting & i cant wait to write about it!

So i recently moved back to  northern lands for final year of studying musical theatre, my life and newly gained experiences shoved into my Corsa – I have never been so happy to see the VOTE PIES graffiti on the M6.

Moving to London to work with one of the most successful record labels was one of the BEST experiences so far in my creative journey. You suddenly become a tiny sponge in the big bubble bath of entertainment life and soak up every sud you can.

This post is focused on some tips/tools on how to survive the big city alone and skint! (whilst also pretending your already famous and loaded) lol.

city-street-night-photography-with-city-street-night-photography-yokohama-night-street.jpg (3872×2380)

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

1 – Always remember to go to the loo before you go out. The amount of times i had to pay to pee whilst juggling around 12 bags and all my emotions/stress was too many and too much to deal with on a busy morning commute.

2 – Do not shop at Waitrose. There will be no sign of Aldi until roughly, Bromley way. They love a Waitrose and don’t we all but this will never help you not be skint in the city.

3 – If your lucky enough to  have a car in London, why drive it? Don’t. You save petrol and your mental sanity.

4 – Forget about what you thought you knew about food & share shopping with house mates.  You must learn to live with the most basic ways of cooking. Sometimes you might not cook at all. (Cereal for dinner isn’t all bad!)

5 – Be amazing around everyone you meet in the entertainment industry, it’s actually really small. Everyone knows everyone.

6 – Don’t go on a night out to ‘The Box’ in Soho. Unless you have rich acquaintances. (£40 for two martini’s)

7 – Make the best of the clothes that you have. Everything you once hated you must now love, you just cant be sure of the next time you’ll be able to buy clothes.

8 – See Everything! watch and learn. I saw the Woman in Black again – YES because it was the cheapest play but so what? Make the most of the theatre and live shows, its well worth it and will only help broaden your creative knowledge!

9 – Work harder than anyone and enjoy every minute so that one day you won’t need to worry about your wardrobe and you can shop wherever you like.

10 – Don’t over read or think articles you see and things you hear. London is hard on your own and money is too. Those with fortunes (or their parents fortunes) are favoured very often, but fortune always favours the bold who get shit done.

63577015863915772731206954_635735325429788202120562036_help me im poor discounts.gif (500×212)

And what better place to be in than the best city in the world? 

Bye London! Until the next adventure…..


Below are some articles i have read this week that have filled me with motivation! Take a look:-

  • The Guardian writes about working class actors & asks if they are slowly becoming a thing of the past? click HERE to read all about it.
  • Judy Dench offering some advice to her younger self just HERE (what a woman)
  • My FAVE new blog about performers, by performers ‘The Happy Performer’. This particular article got me thinking right HERE but continue to all their posts, they’re wicked!

Happy Reading x

Ur not funny tho.


Right so last night I indulged in more sugared treats than humanly possible with my fellow house mate whilst slouching like a big gannet on the sofa watching Absolutely Fabulous.

It was a lightbulb moment for me right there and then, my latest blog post and research project should bloody well be based on being a comedy genius and what it takes to be so. #dahling.

There is a dark phsycology that comes with being a comedian and comedy actor. Can you IMAGINE standing up on stage, risking it all, no one else to bounce off, your on your OWN and you’ve got to be F**king funny?! That’s amazing shit!

My dad was/is a stand up comic so I learnt all his tricks from a young age, it’s a gift, and a curse if your’e that sort of creative. He was amazing and there’s so many things you can learn from these top drawer comedy performers……


I thought it would be good to round up some of the best tips from famous and non famous performers when it comes to being a facTOR (funny actor #dear)

  • It aint about being a celeb or being overly funny for that matter. It’s all about careful timing and the delivery of what your trying to put across to the audience.
  • A lot of fantastic actors earning millions just can’t do funny. Whats better than a good old Hollywood stiff performance.
  • You need to work out what type of ‘funny’ suits you. What are you trying to be funny about? Are you drawing your humour from any pain in your own life? Or are you trying to hard, thinking of things you THINK people will find funny? Tommy Cooper didn’t even need to open his mouth when he stepped out on stage and he was hilarious.
  • What sort of character are you? This is vital. I highly recommend my friend @johnbryne. You can follow him on twitter and check out his one to one sessions. I had one – He can help you identify the different character architypes which have been around since forever.
  • Know your script back to front. There is so much rhythm within a script especially a huge monologue. Rushing through just to get all the words out is p.a.i.n.f.u.l. To watch. Remember, often pauses don’t need to be filled with anything – They can be the funniest bit.
  • Ensure your articulation is on point, clarity is key. If your racing through how we menna know if you’ve just said the most important line?! If there are operative words in your script, practise different ways of saying them.
  • It’s not all about the words. Physicality is extra important too. Equally don’t over do the movements that’s not cool.
  • To master this, watch the greats do your homework!!!!!! And by this I mean don’t study only the modern day comedians/performers. You’ll learn so much more from the originals who are in my opinion, the best.
  • Enjoy it. Acting is the best thing.

And on that note, there is an ab fab film and I can’t bloody wait for it! Rumour has it there are over 60 celeb cameos in the film including Joan Collins O.M.G., Kim Kardash, Kate Moss, Graham Norton BOOOOOYAH

p01m5n0b.jpg (1200×675)

My fave acting books are below!

  • ‘Tips for Actors’ by Fergus Craig
  • ‘Everything you always wanted to know about acting’  @westendproducer OBV
  • Auto/Biographies are always great. Not so much for technique, But to educate you on the background and habits of some of the best performers.
  • ‘The Art of acting’ by Stella Adler
  • ‘The Business of show’ – Adam Cates. Love.

01b3a4229f4b53ba77688d6f5e97fa7d.jpg (640×640)

Thanks for reading! x

Songwriting Sha-banggggg


So, the thing is there is no RULE BOOK or specific training you must engage in  before being able to conjure up all the ingredients to write a hit tune. It kind of feels like there is a little secrecy tied with music industry whispers of what it takes to write a smash. Some songwriters are driven by instinct and what FEELS right with little or no theory knowledge. Where as others are thorough musicians who are completely schooled in theory, structure, notation and so fourth.

So how do you like, do it?

There is no RIGHT or WRONG answer to this. Just a little research and knowledge and hard work and inspiration and get off your arse and creativity and dont expect it all to land on your lap sort of stuff yano…


First of all. You can’t be wanting to become a fountain of knowledge without any prep.

This guy….

Guy Clark. He’s an American country and folk singer/songwriter releasing more than 20 albums.

From a really useful article i read online at American Songwriter  here are some of Guy’s comments :-

On finding inspo…

” I’m inspired by anything I hear or read on some level. If I’m not then I put it down. I’m always inspired by the quality of Townes [Van Zandt]’s work. I’m inspired by Dylan Thomas. I’ve been listening to a bunch of old blues singers – I  haven’t listened to that stuff in so long. It kind of makes me want to play the blues again. I’m inspired by friends of mine who write really good stuff: Rodney Crowell, Verlon Thompson, Shawn Camp, Jedd Hughes.”

On putting ya life into a song…

”Most of the really good songs are dead true. You couldn’t make up “Desperados Waiting For A Train,” or any of that stuff. It had to have happened to have the song be there. Every time I’ve tried to make stuff up it just kind of falls flat. So the majority of my work is something that happened to me, I saw happen to someone else, or a friend of mine told me happened. There is a certain amount of theatrical and poetic license. People are supposed to like it, that’s why you’re doing it. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not brain surgery, it’s heart surgery. They’re just songs.”

guy-clark-2009.jpg (500×250)

Who else?

Just another bloke called ‘Greg Kurstin’, American producer and Songwriter who has just dealt with just about everyone and can do just about everything.

I like this quote…

”Asked for his main advice, he offered this: “Do a great job and nail it with whoever you’re working with, even if it’s not who you want to be working with. You never know where it will lead you. An A&R exec or industry person will want to continue working with you if you do a great job. Always listen. There’s opportunity all around you.”


Just google Max martin. That’ll keep you buzzed for a while.

There are SO many books, online tutorials, people out there who can help you learn your craft and who can also help waste your sweet time and rip you off.

Just do whatever works for you. No one will find the same inspiration as you do and interpret it in the same way, this is what already makes you unique.

But endless rhymes and basic vocab based on i love you, baby, oh we so in love and the like, aint gunna captivate your listener. Unless your Beyonce. So be creative!

how-not-to-write-a-hit-song-smashwords-cover-blog-widgit-188x282.jpg (188×282)

  • This is a great book and kinda does what it says on the cover
  • Just google some of your favorite writers and use articles as a starting point for inspiration
  • Always carry a notepad with you so whenever you feel compelled to get it DOWN, you can.
  • Finally, nothing stopping you heading to sue ryder and picking up some old school albums for a quidder. See how they did it!

My artists for the car journey’s this week areeeeeee:-





Thanks for reading! x


Be a Social media Starlet

So love it or hate it, the little thing called the IN – TERN – ET has/is changing the way EVERYONE does business.

Most castings for actors are done online, and musically, EVERYTHANG is digital, basically.

So goodbye ten by eights, so long compact discs! (kind of)

There are so many people involved in the music/entertainment industry however, it is STILL a small world. If you’re a tw*t, people won’t forget that and if you have a rubbish online presence with irritating content people won’t forget that either.

So with the ever changing, hard to keep up, what the ef world we live in, what are some of the BEST and WORST ways to use social media/internet to promote yourself? HERE GOES.

Social-Media-for-Actors-700x4671.jpg (700×467)



BE AWARE. This surprisingly is not brain surgery and therefore does not require too much deep thought. Be aware anyone can see a post, potential employers! and once its there, it’s there.

USE EVERYTHING. Time consuming yes. But so is sitting waiting 10 years for a big break without putting the work in. Use the same fabulous and amazing headshot you have on EVERY social media site. Get Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube etc, so people begin to remember your face.

REMEMBER. You are a business.

STAY UP TO DATE. Videos are your best friend. Vocal reel, acoustic set, Live performance, Monologue, Duologue, Musical. If your unable to attend an audition, these tools may be the key to STILL getting you seen, and getting the job. (minus any pets in home vids plz)

SOAK IT UP. Like a sponge. The internet knows everything. Use it to your advantage and read EVERYTHING there is on whatever it is you do. Follow EVERYONE who shares that same creativity with you.

BE TASTEFUL. Reach out to people who can potentially advise/hire you, but in a tasteful way. There is nothing worse than ‘’Hi I know ive never met you I wont try to build up a working relationship or anything ill just ask you for a favour instead’’ .

REMEMBER. There is a life outside the internet. Take it back to the old school. Meet a casting director or producer for coffee. Speak to actual humans within your field. They want to know wtf you can do for them.


NUMBER ONE. Bombarding new followers on ANY social media platform with messages like heeeeeeeeeey thanks for the follow check out 57533305857657 of these links ill send you so you can buy my album. Dude, no that’s gunna make me never buy your album.

ACCOUNTS. Don’t use the same personal social media accounts for running your ‘business’ off. Employers don’t want to see updates about your food/dog/crazy as shit night out. Create separate accounts used purely for PROFESHness.

SLAG PEOPLE OFF. Goes without saying. Unless your Azealia Banks.

HAVE A SHITSHOT. Actors – You NEED to fork out for amazing headshots and avoid changing your hairstyle every other weekend. Depending any other performance based pics, don’t have shit ones to promote yourself.

CHOOSE WISELY – Use social media platforms that apply to you and your brand. You don’t need to waste valuable time consumed by EVERY.SINGLE. social site.

DON’T INVOLVE YOUR MUM. – Don’t let your mum comment on your posts. Ever.

There ya have it!

Here are some useful links iv’e been recently using:-

  • For the singer – Research the likes of Ryan Tedder and read many books. My current fave is this…41NoZ2Or-XL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (325×499)
  • For the Actor – The Honest Actors Podcast is a great listen/read.

Thanks for reading!






Shameless secrets beyond the tabs.

”Everything you always wanted to know about acting *but were afraid to ask, Dear”


My coffee is strong and my eggs are rounded. The Sun (I hate to say) has that irritating shine where no matter where you sit you can’t see your screen. My London move towards musical beginnings is HAPPENING and I’m drowning in cardboard.



With this guys velvet tones to accompany my setting…

I pack up my life and make THIS discovery….



Any theatrical performer NEEDS this book in their life. It’s hilariously crafted, daring, and a very accurate insight into the naughty, amazing, ridiculousness that occurs behind the tabs. It offers chucklesome guides on audition prep, backstage etiquette and reminders to always wear underwear during quick changes.

‘’don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times, blame it on your agent, dear’’



I can only assume you are already aware of him, if not here’s a little run down and link to his laugh out loud tweets. @westendproducer

The mystery man of the stage recently revealed himself as Sir Bill Kenwright, but that was an April fool LOL so WEP still remains masked and unknown. How clever! According to his book, WEP has been involved in theatre since forever. He was actually born on stage during a performance and from that moment on, showbiz would of course always be in his blood. He tweets, he blogs, produces, writes, has an Andrew Lloyd Webber glove puppet and bathes in Dom Perignon. THE LIFE.


‘’Please remember – the interval is not the intercourse, dear’’



  1. TRAINING – There has always been and probably always will be big FAFF around drama school training as you know. This first chapter discusses the essentials of auditioning for the big schools and how to choose etc. Getting in is the first step after you’ve paid a fair bit to audition, the whole experience can be daunting. Drama school gives you leverage and opens doors of course! But it isn’t the be all and end all if you believe in yourself. If your lucky enough to have choices this can also be a tough process. ££££££££££££££££££

‘’Whats the difference between a one year and a three year acting course? About 20 thousand pounds, dear.’’

  1. TYPES OF ACTORS – Later in the book, WEP delves into the different types of ac TORS you will ALWAYS come across. (So funny and true)

These particular characters have vital roles within the rehearsal process and beyond, without them the show wheel wouldn’t turn so well. We all know at least one ‘company idiot’ who sings every.single.word. and harmonises Happy Birthday.

  1. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE GREEN ROOM – The big, scary, green room. Usually a scruffy, classroom like area acting as a space between the showbiz world and reality. Everyone gathers in the green room, rumours start in the green room, often smells in the green room. WEP gives his personal favourite theory of where ‘green room’ stemmed from.
  1. I would recommend THE INTERVAL. A couple of informative pages on the half time happenings. Prepare to spend at least 5 quid on a bag of minstrels.
  1. PHYSICAL THEATRE PG. 141 – ‘’If in doubt fade to black’’ Physical theatre is hilarious. As if putting your whole self on the line in front of an audience isn’t enough. Try adding several very  demanding aerobic moves into the mix.

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As i take my first sip of Rioja since forever …Lets talk about some interesting, fresh, amazing things and people! Instead of boring, lame, brain polluting things and people. Woo!


I mean, if you don’t know the answer already then WHO even are you?!

Ronnie Corbett (cute!)
  • Corbett has been a national, comedy hero for YEARS, adding value to everyone’s lives.
  • He rose to fame as one half of the comedy duo ”The two Ronnies” along side Ronnie Barker in 1971.
  • They were a prime time fixture in the 70’s and 80’s peaking with audience numbers of roughly 20 million for the BBC.
  • He featured in Peter Kay’s music vid for IS THIS THE WAY TO AMARILLO (you have to sing this in a northern accent always.)
  • also Little Britain
  • He was 5ft and 1 inch tall
  • And i can’t believe this hilarious, cute, widely talented little bloke is now in comedy heaven.



Not long to go!

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED says ‘The Stage’, ok then stage people. Celebrating its 40th bday this year BOOM! and my gal Shirley Bassey is on the old line up along side Cyndi Lauper and Vanessa Redgrave.

Did you know….

  • Les MIZ is STILL @ The Queens Theatre after 31 years, and is the longest running musical in di WEST END EVER! The point here is that with all this said it still lost the Olivier award in the 80s to ‘Me and my Girl’ right then.
  • Miss Saigon lost an Olivier to ‘Return to the forbidden planet’ in the late 80’s, yet it ran for over a decade and is now off to Broadway LOL. the end.

So really, what im harping on about is that in this the midst of all this sparkly theatrical rivalry and award ceremonies – Just cos ya didn’t win doesn’t mean your not going to have longevity and a spectacular career! This also applies in general LIFE.

Lets take Top Hat for instance, got its Olivier back in 2013 then said cya after 6 months and that was it. (Not slating – Great Musical)

Lets just look at Shirley she aint arsed and shes still killin it. all of it.




So basically, you need this book in your life (not if your a bloke though) girls only! 



Its a bible of inspo on how to create the amazing life you have always wanted. witty, clever and cool. 

Here are a few of the BEST quotes from the book to feed your mind with motivation (bare in mind Sophia Amoruso started out eating from bins)

”Thoughts become things, so you might as well have amazing thoughts”

”Life is short, don’t be lazy”

”Money looks better in the bank than on your feet”

”Celebrate when there’s something to celebrate, don’t do sloppy work, be the best.”

”Don’t be scared”

” Don’t have sex with everyone in the world you work in” 

Its a small world x 

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